Salt Spring Island, BC

Beautiful West-Coast Nature

Between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, along the boundary with USA, is an archipelago of hundreds of islands. Those south of the border are called the San Juan Islands, while those in Canada are the Gulf Islands. This is an area of extraordinary natural beauty, sheltered in the Georgia Strait, between the mainland of British Columbia and the 300-mile long Vancouver Island. The Gulf Islands of British Columbia are sometimes called The Martha’s Vineyard of the West Coast or Canada’s Caribbean.

The Wonder of Nature

 Salt Spring Island gives you the best of all worlds spectacular natural beauty, but with all the amenities right here. You can hike through the forests, kayak past gorgeous sculptured sandstone shores, watch eagles and hummingbirds, or simply sit and enjoy a spectacular view. You’ll find secluded forests, lakes, beaches, rocky shores, pastoral farmland.

Our sheltered waters are popular with boaters, kayakers and divers. Freshwater and ocean swimming are excellent. The rock, water, forests and wildlife provide a diversity of terrain to hike and explore.

Wild mink, hummingbirds, bald eagles, deer, sea lions, seals, river otters, porpoises, owls, hawks, woodpeckers, swans, starfish, sea cucumbers. No large predators and no poisonous insects. One visitor to Salt Spring spotted 86 species of birds in three mornings, just sitting on the deck of a nearby house! Over 120 species of birds have been spotted.

Arts and Crafts Mecca

Salt Spring Island is Canada’s arts and crafts island, and has been named one of the top artistic communities in North America. Since the late sixties, artists and crafts people have been drawn here from all over the world. The artistic and cultural richness of the island is goes far beyond what the size of the community might suggest. Indeed, the arts community includes many world-renowned individuals such as Robert Bateman, Carol Evans and many others who are shown in major galleries and museums in cities around the world.

ArtSpring centre offers top performances by local and touring artists. Particularly in the warmer weather, there are numerous musical and cultural events as well as festivals.

Our Saturday Market in the Park is one of the most popular attractions from spring to fall, with hundreds of unique local vendors who “grow, make or bake” on Salt Spring Island.

Dining on Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island offers a diverse selection of restaurants, from Chinese or Japanese food, to pizza, pasta, upscale dining and top shelf 5 star dining at Hastings House or House Piccolo.

Receive free deliver when ordering from the following local restaurants.

  • Oystercatcher Seafood Bar and Grill (Ganges

  • Shipstones Taproom (Ganes

  • Burger Bar 537

  • The Local Pub

  • Uptown Pizza


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